Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Muddy Words

I saw no beast

hiding in your eyes
in the beginning 

I guess when it growled 
in the pits of your soul 
you silenced it with 
unending charm and charisma 
I watched your smile 
slide up the arm of many females 
your veil slowly slipping 
in front of my awareness 
I guess your forgetfulness 
of my existence at times 
was my moment to reflect 
in the pool 
of the man behind the mask 
and I wanted your bones 
to splinter every time 
they kissed me 
with the anger you threw 
when you stopped trying 
to hide your ugly 
you were deserving of all 
the hate that swam in my veins 
my dirt streaked face 
from the touch 
of your muddy words 
was too much to surrender 
and my gut thundered silently 
you stole my sun 
and breathed your poison 
on the flowers that blew 
through my soul 
in uplifting fragrances 
like dark corridors left 
on the inside of my very essence 
long gone 
I am claiming back all of me 
but whenever I see 
a glimmer of a sliding smile 
I look for muddy words 
some times ghosts like to haunt...... 

Storm In My Fist

I was the strong type 

crumbling on the inside 

when no one 
was looking in 
and the sparkle fell 
from emerald gems 
into the gutter 
like discarded rubbish 

the storm in my fist 

dug into my palm 

my pocket 
the silent place I plunged it 
ashes under my feet 
the remains 
of the nothing 
that used to be dreams 
scorched impossible 
like dying embers 

draped in the tapestry 

of stolen promises 

the glue on words spoken 
often come unstuck 
lacking glitter 
like the dirt under fingernails 
and I was wild once 
like an untamed child 
all ragamuffin 
and grazed knees 
with tangled hair 

I guess time cannot help 

but be a thief of things 

creeping through the night 
with its swag bag 
and my disappearing life 
I bet that is where souls go 
all bunched up 
trying to escape its grasp 
some slipping 
through the gaps 
coming back just to start 
all over again. 

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