Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Demons Cry

Poem written by Anita Magdalena......

My Demons Cry

Flightless for so long 
clipped wings of my own doing 
plucked out my feathers to give me pain 
Scars leave a story in Braille 
Cryptic in unknown text 
symbols that only I can translate 

My demons cry for release 
from the prison that I lock them in 
they shake the foundations of my soul 
At times 
I just choke them back with each gulp 
until they are silenced and still 

I shall choose with each breath 
that forges the direction of my 
forward motion in loose fitting shoes 
Transition like a chrysalis waiting 
enveloped in pain as butterflies cry 
rainbow rivers that crystallize on stone 

Vervain in drifts catches my senses 
I follow its stroke as it entices me 
Distraction can take your feet unknowingly 
to a place you did not want to end up 
to backward and thoughtless choices 
And my demons cry for release 
as they shake the foundations of my soul 




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