Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Saturday, 7 January 2012

How It Was And Is

Picture By Anne Stokes

Poem By Anita Magdalena......

How It Was And Is

 Customized Choppers were his thing
He built and created his art would sing
Skulls and snakes would cover his tank
Vibrant and beautiful never left blank

On two wheels he rode into the day
Never saw him again his life snatched away
My Brother Eddy eighteen when he died
Stationary when he was thrown from his ride

Forks snapped free he was launched through the air
Under the bus that was passing there
Young as I was fourteen I recall
I just ran away far from it all


Two years slipped by
Then I met a guy
My very first Love
With no push and shove
He treated me right
He made my life bright

Twelve months together
Then in the bad weather
The car went off track
No bringing him back
With his Coffin everyday
Don't take him away

I kissed him goodbye
Started to cry
The flames licked and stole
My bleeding soul
I crumpled and bent
Off the rails I went

Wreckless and throwing
The pain that was flowing
My life carried on
Each day made me strong
Harder I became
Through each tragic maim

Life is the bitch
That I like to itch
A one finger wave
It will never make me cave
Keep bringing it on
Until I am gone............