Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Picture by Anne Stokes

Poem by Anita Magdalena....


The mist is slowly creeping in
Blanketing you and seeping within
Enveloping your body and mind
Wrapping you tighter your thoughts entwined
Haunting whispers flow over you
Your conscience escaping and blowing through
Exploding and cracking as you choke
The haunting whispers the mist invoke
Your subconscious blows apart in your brain
As the mist creeps in and drives you insane
The haunting is here will you survive
Your conscience escaping as it eats you alive
Visions flashing behind your eyes
Subconscious thoughts upon your cries
Breathing it in breathing it out
The mist envelopes you as you shout
Your haunting is now it is your time
You stepped to far across the line...


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