Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Sunday, 9 September 2012

When The Line Is Crossed

Poem by Anita Magdalena....

When The Line Is Crossed

My hopes were dashed against stone cold reality
and I wrote them down in invisible ink so no one 
could read me or ever know what goes on inside

I turned my back on all of the faces that watched me
when I found the door I closed it and left them behind
they never truly cared or maybe it was me that didn't

I stopped and became silence until ears became deaf
it was so much easier when people started to forget
while I forever remember those stinging memories

Whatever happened to the softness I longed to feel
maybe it's still being made in my world of make believe
where imagination is the only company I want to keep

I never said I wanted the world or ever thought it owed me
I just wanted to be me without someone trying to change the
channel that I chose from my own conscience to broadcast

I guess I came with a "you can own me" stamped on my ass
just the impression I get from the manipulation I freely accepted
people like to cross the line like it's a game of I don't give a fuck

I moved that line until they could not see it as I pulled it tight
I watched them fall flat on their face choking on their ignorance



Haunted Heart

Poem by Anita Magdalena...

Haunted Heart

Her haunted heart strikes its sharpness into her mind
just to remind her sometimes how much it has hurt

She can never run away to forget the past 
pins and needles pushed through and out
without thread to stitch her back together
Non stop bleeding that left her so lifeless

Her spirit just left and took her soul with it
an empty shell that could still think and feel
she became stoic and unreadable to others
as time tumbled through her tapping fingers

Her haunted heart beats to the rhythm of her endless thoughts
just to remind her sometimes that she is still very much alive

She took off deep into the night and ran
found herself on peaceful sacred ground 
she sat  with the dead and her thoughts
her spirit/soul came and sat with her

She remembered every single stinging word
as each one slapped the temple of her mind
she could not sit with her own indifference
so she packed her bags and walked away

Her haunted heart strikes its sharpness into her mind
just to remind her often that she is still very much alive






Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Blunt Hands Sharp Words

Poem written by Anita Magdalena....

Blunt Hands Sharp Words


From grace she fell into her long dark days 

his hands were blunt and words ever sharp 

tears were the healing lotion on her wounds 
kept in a secret box from the close prying eyes 
Explanations to why she took a wrong breath 
played out in her head before spoken into cold 
falling on a disbelieving sound closed off always 
tension rose with unbending dominance `closer` 
In face forward of a hard place to be she stood 
against all odds her walls held firm against him 
a blotch of nothingness that tried to break spirits 
tore at her very being as his red mist fell on her 
She escaped the pace of her long dark journey 
but the haunting lingered in the shadows of night 
tormenting in double time from two entities of life 
her sanity stayed with her as she drew her sword 
With her visual blade and sharp words she cut out his black heart. 
One for two............. 





Come Undone

Poem written by Anita Magdalena......

Come Undone

Swallow the blemish 
flavoured skewed cocktail 
that you poured so freely 
once upon I shall never forget 

Force fed by your clawed hand 

The intravenous drip that you 
attached to my soul 
blinding poison 
swirling darkness 
as hate drips from my very core 
diluting in it's wake 

There is no breaking me 
as I watch you fall 
I spill your own doing 
down your unwilling throat 
so needy now as you choke 

It just makes me loathe you all the more 

Your acid coated chains that bound 
my hands and feet 
melted and mixed with the blood 
dripping from your unworthy heart 

I paint in red 
a picture of you 
as you come undone. 






Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Demons Cry

Poem written by Anita Magdalena......

My Demons Cry

Flightless for so long 
clipped wings of my own doing 
plucked out my feathers to give me pain 
Scars leave a story in Braille 
Cryptic in unknown text 
symbols that only I can translate 

My demons cry for release 
from the prison that I lock them in 
they shake the foundations of my soul 
At times 
I just choke them back with each gulp 
until they are silenced and still 

I shall choose with each breath 
that forges the direction of my 
forward motion in loose fitting shoes 
Transition like a chrysalis waiting 
enveloped in pain as butterflies cry 
rainbow rivers that crystallize on stone 

Vervain in drifts catches my senses 
I follow its stroke as it entices me 
Distraction can take your feet unknowingly 
to a place you did not want to end up 
to backward and thoughtless choices 
And my demons cry for release 
as they shake the foundations of my soul 




Thursday, 22 March 2012



Fed from the bed of your words that misled
Now uncompromised dry I am bled
Unmoved by the verbal that falls like water
running aimlessly trying to slaughter
my mind with tongue licking and ripping
it doesn't catch just keeps slipping
on the tide of my impenetrable shield
keep it coming you drain as you wield

I keep getting stronger on the throw of your thunder
that lifts me up and pulls you under
Your Max headroom smile all plastic and fake
is just as pathetic as the piss that you take
Your threats make you feel like the big I am
you hang them over me and don't give a damn
My silence that bothers your unsettled thoughts
You just have to guess and come up with naughts

Selective and subjective accusations so vile
flow on the tide of your unceasing bile
My breath is my breath that on you will waste
So no words shall fall as your wrath I taste
The ouch in your suffering that puts me at fault
is struck ever deeper in the wounds that I salt
So you say in your hard done by way
how weak is the strength of your twat-ish display

Well you are long gone I got tired of your song
and the feel of your hand it's impact was strong
Made me bruise and bleed at your angry need
But never did I crumble or allow you to feed.



Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Night's Darkest Skies.

Poem By Anita Magdalena.....

Night's Darkest Skies

On the edge of nights darkest skies
barren times swept away  
those beautiful memories
You left me alone

deserted in a desert 
with no water to quench my thirst

The mirage blinks out
as reality reigns down
on my tortured soul

I clutch onto the shreds
of my own sorrow
pressing them against
my bleeding heart
as it slowly falls into the abyss
of my invisible tears

Unknowing catches my breath
and sweeps me into the winds
of days months years

You left me in the desert

On the edge of nights darkest skies

Where did you go? 



Sunday, 29 January 2012

You Lose

This picture is not my work, artist unknown

Poem Written By Anita Magdalena......

You Lose
Knee jerk reactions

Sweeping statements

Some of the ingredients 

to bake the battle cake

A slap that stings

Sooooo deeply at times

You think you scratch

when you cut to the bone
I can hurt you back
with my retorts




But my silence is the....

......Potent Elixir

that I like to spoon feed you
One       Drop     At     A    Time
as I slowly become








Your fist is just a distant memory.



Saturday, 7 January 2012

How It Was And Is

Picture By Anne Stokes

Poem By Anita Magdalena......

How It Was And Is

 Customized Choppers were his thing
He built and created his art would sing
Skulls and snakes would cover his tank
Vibrant and beautiful never left blank

On two wheels he rode into the day
Never saw him again his life snatched away
My Brother Eddy eighteen when he died
Stationary when he was thrown from his ride

Forks snapped free he was launched through the air
Under the bus that was passing there
Young as I was fourteen I recall
I just ran away far from it all


Two years slipped by
Then I met a guy
My very first Love
With no push and shove
He treated me right
He made my life bright

Twelve months together
Then in the bad weather
The car went off track
No bringing him back
With his Coffin everyday
Don't take him away

I kissed him goodbye
Started to cry
The flames licked and stole
My bleeding soul
I crumpled and bent
Off the rails I went

Wreckless and throwing
The pain that was flowing
My life carried on
Each day made me strong
Harder I became
Through each tragic maim

Life is the bitch
That I like to itch
A one finger wave
It will never make me cave
Keep bringing it on
Until I am gone............