Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Friday, 30 December 2011

Just Word's

Picture by Anne Stokes

Poem By Anita Magdalena.....

Just Words

Words drip on your page
Then you press send
As they flow on a wire
My inbox their end
I read and I question
I read and I doubt
Should I believe 
The love that you spout
Or is it just bull shit
Pesudo enriched
Will I end up forsaken
Because me you ditched
Do I take the chance
Let you on in
A genuine guy?
Or only after one thing
I shook off the doubt
Trusted in you
Swept away on the words
That you loved to spew
Gave you my heart
Showed you my soul
My whispers that laved 
Made you feel whole
You soaked it all up
Released so much
With only my breath
Not my physical touch
I made you ache
In a beautiful way
Made you yearn
With the things I say
Then everything stopped
With no reason or end
No words dripped on your page
You did not send
And so it was
The love you did spout
Written to be questioned
Loaded with doubt
You worthless nothing
Gutless and weak
Encompassed in misery
You chose not to speak